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Values-Based Marketing Executive

I bring nearly two decades of experience leading agency and in-house marketing teams, providing an experienced approach with strategic and tactical know-how to B2B and B2C brands.

Check out more of my background and portfolio and feel free to reach out anytime. 


I believe that there is always room to learn more. Void of an overpowering ego, I empower my team to challenge assumptions and try new ways of doing business. Knowledge allows you to test actions quickly, then really put your foot on the gas when you know something is working well. Wisdom is knowing when to make adjustments and prepare for the turns ahead. I work hard to build my knowledge, and learn from my experience to build the wisdom necessary to prepare brands for the future.

Although I agree that updated awareness of marketing tactics is crucial for leadership to drive sales, I believe that it is more important to understand the latest customer journey experience (CJX), as well as the expected consumer experience. This enables marketing teams to truly become the voice of the consumer and properly prepare the brand for the road ahead.

If this resonates with you, please feel free to reach out and connect with me.



From startups to established brands - I've helped companies reach their brand goals, establish themselves in a new market, and introduce updated processes in their internal organization.


A lot of my experience has been behind the scenes, creating, sculpting and guiding brand messaging, partnerships, supporting sales, and executing campaign elements. Here are a few examples of my work that were brought to life by some really great creative folks.



I've been honored to work with so many fantastic people over the years. I'm also lucky to call many of them friends. Here are a few former employers, clients, and vendors providing insight into how I am to work with, what my leadership style is like, and how I build meaningful relationships.

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Bryan is a dedicated professional. His knowledge spans a vast number of industries and roles and he is therefore able to wear many hats proficiently. If there is a problem, he will look for and find a way to solve it. He is very strategic in his thinking and enjoys ideating around nearly every aspect of business. He is a strong relationship builder and thus brings added value to the table through this refined skill set. He is also extremely honest and loyal - qualities that are not always the easiest to find.

John Salzinger
Founder @ MPOWERD


Please drop a line, or connect with me on LinkedIn to explore the possibilities of how we might work together.

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