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I have years of experience behind the scenes, creating, sculpting, and guiding brand messaging and campaign elements. Here are a few examples of my work that were brought to life by some really great creative folks. Take a look below and contact me today to discuss how I might fit in your plans for growth.


MPOWERD is a Public Benefit and certified B Corp with a focus towards becoming a leader in sustainable energy consumer products and to positively impact emerging markets with the Luci solar inflatable lantern.

I joined MPOWERD as a contract marketing consultant, but filled the role of the head of marketing (Senior Director of Integrated Marketing Communications). I was only in the office 2 days per week, working remotely from Alexandria, VA for the remainder of the week. In this role I oversaw a complete overhaul of the marketing team, new employees onboarded, new technologies integrated, and the launch of three new products. 

The marketing team that I ultimately left in place was a high-performing team of professionals covering all areas of marketing strategy and execution. During that time, I also worked alongside the CEO and Founder to implement new reporting procedures, working alongside the data and analytics team to gather the raw data and interpret it into a complex report on Google Data Studio. 

Some of the technology we added to the marketing tech stack included ZenDesk for customer service, and Wrike for project management. The  onboarding of these technologies was done as a team, as it should be in order to properly install the technology into the day-to-day tasks of the team. However, I was ultimately responsible for gaining that initial buy-in and ensure that the team used the tools and understood how to integrate them into their daily routine. 

Launching three new products in one year, with one of them requiring a mobile app was a very interesting challenge! Luckily we had a great group  who was willing to work through some of those learning steps in order to produce a quality product for consumers, and to truly impact the lives of those in areas without sustainable access to electricity.



Vestergaard Frandsen is a category-leading, mission-driven, privately-owned company based in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in the US, India, Kenya, Vietnam, and Korea.

As the first professional marketing hire for LifeStraw, I was charged with managing all retail sales and marketing for North America and Europe, along with South Africa and work alongside the Regional Director for Asia retail sales. 

I immediately dove in and had to troubleshoot an issue in South Africa at the same time as signing on a new distributor - which required a site visit and quick relationship-building in Cape Town. This was just prior to participating in my first-ever Follow The Liters program (now called their Give Back program) in Kenya.

After hitting the ground running with operational tasks, I was then able to take a step back and consider strategic positioning and pricing for a new product being launched that holiday season, along with planning for the second-half of the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 

My 2016 strategy was executed with a big increase in brand exposure through new initiatives including: a branded content marketing campaign called A Life Inspired, by LifeStraw; a new partnership with the GoPro Mountain Games in Colorado as the Official Water Filtration Partner; and new social media influencers.

In Europe, I began to strategically expand brand awareness leading up to bringing on board 3 new distributors in the key markets of Germany, France, and Switzerland. The original distributor for LifeStraw in Europe remained a key partner of ours in the UK and all of Scandinavia. During this process I managed 3 PR partners supporting England, Germany and France to build up brand familiarity and drive demand at retail. 


LifeStraw – Be More Mindful
Give & Take
Mina Guli 6 River Run 30s
Mina Guli 6 River Run 60s
LifeStraw Clean Water Across America 2019 | A Partnership with LifeStraw and Airstream!


Robotic toy company known for Sphero, the robotic ball you control with your phone, along with BB-8 and Lightning McQueen robotic toys developed through a partnership/license with Disney.

My time at Sphero was during a turbulent transition for the brand. Building on earlier successes with their flagship product, Sphero, the company was introducing a new robot concept and needed a name. As the first project I undertook, within only 2 weeks in the position, I brought the team through a naming exercise, tested the final naming ideas, and enthusiastically landed on the name Ollie for the second product the company had launched. This name reflected the active tricks and maneuvering that it was capable of doing that separated it from the original Sphero.

Another one of my duties as the brand manager was to transition the company from the old name of Orbotix to the flagship brand of Sphero. This included walking the entire staff through the transition to gain their buy-in to the process. I also had to work with WIPO to obtain the URL for since it was owned by a domain squatter and was not being used. This process was a months-long endeavor that included coordination with the legal team, executives, and WIPO. 

Additional fun projects I was involved in were spearheading the first national (cable spot) TV advertising buy. I worked closely with the web developers to track visits to the website as the TV spots were running to show immediate ROI on the effort. It was a resounding success which materially contributed to a year-over-year increase in net revenue of nearly 200%. 


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